Summer Program

The summer program that we offer is the most hassle-free and affordable program that we have, evidenced by the fact that over 1,200 people currently take advantage of it. This program works for just about anyone in any situation, since you do not have to be home or re-arrange your days around us. If you are not home at the day or time of this service, the technician will simply treat your home and leave an invoice in your door.

This program is an outside perimeter spray of your foundation, soil around the foundation, windows, eves, and common points of entry for all crawling and flying insects. The treatment is provided each month, April through November, at around 30 day intervals to keep the residual strength of the spray at 100%. The┬áchemical we use to create an “insect barrier” around your home is a water-based spray, which for you means that the spray will NOT stain your siding and will NOT be negatively effected by the rain.

So if your tired of messing with earwigs, spiders, millipedes, Asian beetles, box elder bugs and countless other insects, give us a call and join the long list of satisfied customers that use our very effective program and get back to enjoying your basement, porch, and garage again. Give our office a call or send us an e-mail to get started on this program today.

Internet Special only

Say you found us on-line and receive 10% off your initial service. Cannot be combined with any other offers.

Refer a Friend

Like our service? Tell a friend. If they sign up for one of our services, we will give you $25 credit per friend to put towards your account. No limits on this one, so signing up 3 friends = $75 for you!